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My teaching philosophy is to encourage students to critically analyze the social forces that shape people’s life chances. I present students with key sociological theories and push them to see the relevance of these concepts in their own lives and in the lives of other communities. I am also dedicated to teaching students the practice of sociology by mentoring them on their own research. I believe that research gives students the tools to examine social issues and puzzles that interest them. It has been rewarding for me to see students learn sociology and sometimes change their perspectives on the world in my courses.


I have taught two of my own courses: a seminar for UCLA's General Education Cluster on Interracial Dynamics ("How Race Gets Under Our Skin"), and a research course with the Community and Corporate Internships program. I have also co-directed the Sociology Honors Mentorship Program at UCLA, where undergraduate students work on a capstone research project under the guidance of faculty and graduate student mentors. In addition, I have served as a teaching assistant for several courses. For my teaching, I have been awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award by the UCLA Department of Sociology.


Previous Teaching Experience:


Instructor at UCLA


Seminar: “How Race Gets Under Our Skin: The Sociology of Race, Health, and Biomedicine" (Spring 2015, Spring 2018)

Community and Corporate Internships in Sociology (2015-2016)


Teaching Assistant


General Education Cluster: Interracial Dynamics in American Culture and Society (2014-2015)


Introduction to Sociological Research Methods (Winter 2012)


Introduction to Sociology (2010-2011)

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